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Workplace Safety

Your company will receive a comprehensive site-assessment and a three-hour lecture on workplace violence and active shooter scenarios, including a customized segment with photographs of the facility to show recommended points of action. Additional practical training packages are available.

Emergency Action Plan

Our team will create, review, or update your current Emergency Action Plan (EAP). Your company will receive a fully integrated EAP that covers all major critical incident situations. Companies have the option of rehearsing all plans for improved response in an emergency.

self defense training

Trident Shield offers a realistic and practical self-defense training program for people of all ages and careers. Courses are designed specifically for high-risk groups, such as realtors, college bound students, women or seniors, and teach solutions for their unique situations.

In-home Security

Trident Shield’s In-Home Security Training was developed for those who want more of a plan than simply installing an alarm system. Packages include a home assessment and carefully designed plan for your family or the opportunity to participate in role-play training scenarios.

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