Expired Nationwide Eviction Moratorium and What to Expect

Now that the nationwide eviction moratorium has expired, what can U.S. employers expect to see in the coming months, and can they do anything to prepare for it?


Like it or not, employees tend to let their personal struggles infiltrate the workplace and there are few life struggles more overwhelming than the prospect of being forced out of your place of residence – especially with the holidays around the corner.  In the coming months, employees at risk of being evicted may begin to display classic behaviors consistent with someone traveling down the path towards violence.  The question is, are your people properly trained to 1) recognize these patterns of behavior and then 2) take the necessary action to prevent this kind of behavior from escalating into workplace violence?  Training your entire workforce on this topic may be the single most effective way to protect your people and it’s usually the biggest ROI in overall spending.  That’s because proper training stays with your people and allows your organization to cultivate a culture of safety.


It wasn’t long ago we saw unprecedented levels of layoffs followed by record unemployment numbers.  Organizations must also understand that former employees facing an eviction notice may blame their former employer for their current predicament.  In this scenario, organizations are particularly vulnerable because they don’t have the benefit of regularly observing an individual’s behavior, so there may not be any warning signs of potential violence before a former employee returns with violent intent.  This highlights the importance of having a well-trained Emergency Action Plan where employees know their responsibilities when, for example, a disgruntled former employee shows up unannounced.


This previous scenario of a former employee showing up unannounced also highlights the importance of security infrastructure and how it relates to giving an organization advanced warning of a potential threat approaching.  Whether it be gated access to your property, security cameras set around your building’s perimeter and entry points, a badge access system for your employees, or an emergency mass notification system, there are practical and relatively affordable solutions available to organizations that want to harden their facilities from violent individuals.


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2021 Workplace Violence Behavioral Threat Assessment Chart
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