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Situational Awareness for Credit Unions & Banks

"...Delivered As Promised..."

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"I am honored to provide a recommendation for Trident Shield, as their team brought tremendous value to our organization. Trident Shield's experience and insight provided a thorough risk assessment, operational plan, and training that surpassed other consultants in their field. They were attentive to our expectations and respectful of our culture. Trident Shield delivered as promised, exceeding even, and I would recommend their services to others."

- Isabelle Nawrocki | Risk Management/Compliance/BSA/Fraud | Chartway Federal Credit Union

Join us for this FREE Webinar - designed specifically for the Financial Services Industry - and learn to assess factors in your environment and apply proper Situational Awareness at work and throughout your personal life!

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Tuesday, April 19th

1:00 PM Eastern

1 Hour *

Jason Perry

(Jason Perry is the Founder & CEO of Trident Shield, Former Navy SEAL, Boston SWAT Officer, Executive Protection Professional, and Corporate Security & Consulting Expert - View Jason's Bio Video Here)


* Followed by a LIVE, interactive Q&A session with your presenter

Who Should Attend This Webinar?

Branch Employees

Corporate Employees

Front-line, customer-facing Employees

C-level Executives

Human Resources Leadership

Risk Professionals

Safety Management

Operations Management

Facilities Management


Anyone who works at a Credit Union, Bank, or any other Financial Services organization...

What You Will Learn About Situational Awareness:

What Is It?

  • Situational Awareness is a learned skill that evolves into a mindset or life-safety tool that you can deploy daily for the rest of your life.
  • Proper Situational Awareness can mean the difference between life and death for you and those around you.

Why Do I Need It?

  • Incidents of workplace violence are almost always preceded by outward – and often times escalating – signs of concerning behavior by the perpetrator. Therefore, it stands to reason that having a well-trained, aware workforce can identify, deescalate, and/or avoid altogether nearly every potential for violence within your Credit Union.
  • Situational awareness amongst your entire workforce is the single most effective preventative measure your Credit Union can take.
  • By failing to understand and properly incorporate Situational Awareness into your daily routine, you are providing the would-be “bad guys” with a distinct advantage.

How Do I Use It?

  • Situational Awareness isn’t about being hyper-vigilant 24/7. You’d stroke-out in a week!
  • It’s about using your Situational Awareness Dial – learn how to assess factors in your environment to either dial your awareness up or down
  • Learn how to properly apply both your “Active Assailant Dial” and your “Self Defense Dial”
  • Understand how the factors of “Person, Place, & Time” impact both your two dials and cause them to run counter to one another.

When & Where To Apply It?

  • Proper Situational Awareness should be used – to some degree – whenever you are awake and wherever you go – at work, out in public, and even in your own home.
  • Learn how to incorporate our “10-minute rule” into your daily routine.
  • Learn the different “layers” of Situational Awareness: Local, National, & Global

"...Received Compliments At Every Level..."

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"When we began looking at an Active Assailant solution for our organization, I was pleased to meet Jason, who provided a top-notch, thorough, and complete program. Jason listened to our concerns, providing expertise while being sensitive to preserve our culture and customer service emphasis. He and his team were responsive, answered our questions and concerns, and provided solutions that were easy to follow and implement. At every level, I have received compliments for the steps we have taken and the solutions we implemented through our partnership with Jason and his team. He was the right person for our organization."

- Derick Dickens | Director of Training & Development | Langley Federal Credit Union