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The Mission Behind The Company

At Trident Shield, our mission is to SAVE LIVES. We do this by providing workplace violence and active shooter training for organizations of any size nationwide. Our comprehensive programs help to foster a culture of care while reducing security risks and safeguarding your greatest asset – your employees.

But more importantly, we teach your people how to respond when workplace violence or an active shooter occurs at your organization. And presence of mind, along with swift action, could spell the difference between lives lost and lives saved.

Founded in 2013, Trident Shield brings over 100 years of high-level and real-world experience to help organizations maximize their preparedness for potential critical events. Over the years, we’ve established a solid client base. Our trainers work with big and small organizations as well as private individuals.

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Our Team

When choosing our team, we care about more than just a resume; we care about the type of person behind the experience. We seek individuals who have the unique blend of high-level industry expertise and the ability to share this knowledge with warmth, charisma, and compassion for our clients. Our Lead Instructors currently have over 100 years cumulative experience in security and public safety. They are Navy SEAL veterans, paramedics, police and SWAT team members, and corporate security professionals. Our Assistant Instructors are men and women who have completed our mentorship program, making them relatable while maintaining our high standards. Regardless of background, all our instructors train the same industry-leading content, so that our customers receive the same experience.

Industry Thought-Leaders

At Trident Shield, we take a holistic approach to workplace violence training. Ultimately, the productivity and success of your team is dependent on their well-being beyond the work day. Our WorkLife Safety programs teach skills that will be with your team at work, at home, and throughout their daily lives.


Workplace violence can be a difficult subject. We specialize in reaching out to people of all backgrounds and learning styles. Our goal when training any group is to present the most effective training available, while remaining compassionate and relatable, and maintaining your organization’s culture

Founder & CEO

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Jason Perry ("Mr. Shield") is the Founder and CEO of Trident Shield, a Training and Consulting Firm with a focus on workplace violence preparedness and preparation.  He is a retired United States Navy SEAL/IDC (Independent Duty Corpsman), retired Boston Police Officer/SWAT Team member, Executive Protection, Security Expert, and Trainer.  With his nearly 30 years of experience, Jason has become a thought leader in the workplace violence space using EQ (Emotional Intelligence) to help teach this challenging topic to the most diverse audience in history.  Jason started Trident Shield with one mission, in his own words, "To Save Lives. Not just lives from being lost, but also to protect innocence."  When Jason is not empowering lives, you can usually find him in Maine or Virginia with his loving wife, Lauren ("Mrs. Shield"), their two children, and three dogs.

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Vice President of Operations

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As Vice President of Operations, Lauren is responsible for Trident Shield’s curriculum development, professional services, and company management. Along with strategic planning, Lauren manages all day-to-day operations and customer relations, and facilitates coordination of staff and vendor partners. Having graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from University of New England, Lauren has been a professional trainer since 2012, and has been leading training in the security field since 2014. In her curriculum development role, Lauren leverages her background in training and communication to make the topic of personal safety approachable and relatable to anyone. She is also the welcoming face of the company in the online courses. Lauren’s mission is to create positive change in as many lives as she can.

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veritas drilling solutions
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Veritas Drilling Solutions recommends Trident Shield as an Active Assailant training source for their clients.

Eagle Security Group recommends us as their Active Assailant training resource for their clients.

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