Trident Shield offers professional services customized to meet the needs of your facility. Whether you want to enhance your online training with in-person services, or need a site assessment to implement a security program, a revision of your Emergency Operations Plan, or immediate advice on an emergency situation, Trident Shield is here to offer customized solutions that will keep your organization running safely and smoothly.

On-Site Services

Site Assessment

The Trident Shield team will perform a threat assessment of your facility to analyze areas of strength and weakness in existing security measures. The assessment will include analysis of physical security, standard operating procedures, and previous concerns and incidents. You will get a full report, including recommendations for improvements. If you are just beginning to implement a safety and security program, a site assessment can be an excellent starting point.

Instructor-Led Seminars

Trident Shield Seminars is our presentation series that empowers you to take charge of workplace violence and personal safety.

Our full-length Workplace Violence & Active Shooter Seminar is a 3-hour presentation. Topics include how to recognize, avoid, or defuse violent acts before they happen, and standard operating procedures to respond to threats, including domestic violence, assault by a co-worker, and active assailant/active shooter. This seminar is an on- site version of our Online Active Threat course, and can be blended with our Safe Workplace Program, which includes our annual recertification program, monthly safety digest, and program implementation guide.

Our Lunch & Learn Talks are shorter 90-minute emergency preparedness discussions that can be tailored to fit you and your team. Topics include workplace violence, women’s safety, student safety, and senior safety. Call us and let us know what we can design for you!

Instructor-Led Training

Trident Shield training is the hands-on component of our professional services that provides expert security training and education for you and your team.

Our Leadership Tabletop Series provides scenario-based workplace violence training for C-level and managers. This safety training is conducted in a round-table format, with a guided discussion through an escalating workplace violence scenario that rises through frontline, HR, and up to senior leadership as a full blown violent event, or active assailant/active shooter.

Our Walk-Through Series consists of hands-on skills practical and a facility walk-through. Skills demonstrated will be based on our four pillars of “Prepare, Escape, Hide, Attack”, and will show you how to safely navigate violent incidents. In the walk-through, we will teach your safety managers how to conduct a knowledge check, so that your team knows what to do in the case of workplace violence or an active assailant/active shooter.

In-Person and Online

All of our Trident Shield Training series can also be delivered to you as a webinar.

Trident Shield Seminars are a prerequisite for our Trident Shield Training series.

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Consulting Services

We offer consulting services to organizations of any size, as well as high net-worth individuals. Whether you want a phone consultation about best practices for a security program, a revision of your Emergency Operations Plan, or some immediate advice during critical incidents, Trident Shield offers solutions and security training that will keep you safe.

Phone Consultations
Need some help in deciding how to start a workplace violence policy or program? Or maybe you have a situation in your workplace that could potentially develop into a critical event. Our Trident Shield experts are standing by to help. As always, if you have an immediate emergency, dial 911.

Emergency Operations Plan
An Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) is an OSHA compliant document that outlines threats and incidents that your organization should be prepared for – whether that be medical emergencies, chemical spills, an active shooter, or bad weather. Trident Shield can provide a workplace violence- specific component to your existing plan, or we can help you with a full EOP if you do not already have one.

Hourly and Retainer
Rest easy and focus on what you do best, knowing that you have 24-hour access to one of Trident Shields industry-leading security experts who will provide you with advice and assistance for risk mitigation within your organization. Trident Shield offers consulting services on an hourly rate or retainer fee to provide you or your organization safety and security guidance on an as-needed basis.

Co-Branded Online Products

Custom Online Course Branding
Logos and color styles can be applied to our online course, to provide a custom look to fit your corporate culture and branding.

Video Endorsement(s) from In-House Executive(s)
Record a custom video message from your leadership to add to your course, increasing engagement from your team.

Workplace-Specific Custom Trainings
Does your workplace not fit the standard corporate office model? We can design a custom training course to fit your specific needs.

Highly recommended for businesses seeking customized solutions or wishing to add depth to the online training experience.

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At the end of the day, the goals are simple: Safety and security.

– National Safety Council

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