School Safety September

With so many things going on: supplies to buy, backpacks to pack, lunches to make, and forms to sign, we know that one thing on a lot of parent’s minds is safety.

That’s why we’re happy to announce our newest series here at Trident Shield - School Safety September. Throughout September, you’ll find weekly blog posts about back to school safety, how to stay safe throughout the school year, and along the way, we’ll be answering your most frequently asked questions!

Each school day, we will also be posting a "Trident Tip" on our Facebook and Instagram pages and will compile them all on our blog at the end of the month.

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School Safety September Resources

Parents' Frequently Asked Questions

We know how hard it is to send your children to school when they, and you, are scared about the potential of an active assailant.  At Trident Shield, our mission is to replace that fear with confidence; we don't simply inform, we empower.  Our programs go beyond telling you "what" to do and teach you How, When, Where and Why to use practical, proven techniques to help your child survive any violent event.

school safety faqs

How do I know if my child’s school is safe?

My child’s school’s Active Assailant plan is to lockdown – is that good enough?

What can be done about the new trend of attackers using the fire alarm to lure out students?

I’ve seen stories about schools arming their students with rocks. Is that really a good option?

How old should my child be to take this course?

Will this training scare my child?

What makes you different from other programs?

Do you train Run, Hide, Fight?

Who should take this training?

How often should I check the sex offender registry?

How can I stay connected to information about school safety?

How do I get my child’s school to do quality training?

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