2021 Year-End Incentive!

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Now Through February 2022...

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Purchase Trident Shield's online training program for your organization

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Receive Trident Shield's step-by-step guide to creating (or updating) the Workplace Violence portion of your Emergency Action Plan, a $6,500 value, FREE OF CHARGE!

Don't wait until after someone gets hurt or killed to make this a priority.  Do the right thing for your people NOW.  Empower them to build a safer future!

Why This Offer Makes Perfect Sense

Training for Success

A robust and sustainable training program is the only component of corporate safety that is there for each of your employees, regardless of where they are in your facility.

Don't Neglect Your Corporate Armor

Your Emergency Action Plan is your organization's "game plan" to prepare for, respond to, and recover from hazards in the workplace.  It's also the document by which you will be judged following any violent event on-site.  Make sure your EAP will insulate you from legal liability after the fact.

Training Is A Force Multiplier

Training each of your employees to the same proficiency level creates an entire workforce of "sheepdogs" and creates a culture of safety where everyone can contribute.

Leveraging Your Culture

Your corporate identity is critical to your success.  This guide gives you total control when creating policies & procedures and allows you to create your Workplace Violence EAP without compromising that identity.

Your Training & Policies Align

As an added bonus, you can rest assured knowing that this guide is designed to dovetail perfectly with the training your employees receive so there's no confusion when creating or implementing your new policies.

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"I have worked with Trident Shield for over 5 years. Their Founder & CEO, Jason Perry, has a one of a kind personal life story. This experience allows Jason to connect with all levels of people within an organization. Trident Shield consults on company site security, Incident Response (active shooter) and other somewhat intimidating subject matters. They are able to cover the material and subject matter in a way that gives the audience the tools they need while also empowering them. Always positive, high energy and passionate about saving lives, I recommend Trident Shield to anyone who has an interest and desire in keeping their employees and families safe."

- Tom Tichenor | Senior Vice President Marsh-Risk Consulting and Insurance Brokerage