Workplace Violence & Active Shooter Readiness Training for Organizations Nationwide

At Trident Shield our mission is to SAVE LIVES. We do this by providing workplace violence and active assailant/active shooter readiness training for organizations of any size nationwide.  Our comprehensive programs help to foster a culture of care while reducing security risks and safeguarding your greatest asset – your employees. Founded in 2013, Trident Shield brings over 100 years of high-level and real-world experience to help organizations maximize their preparedness for potential critical events.

Did You Know?

Every year, 2 million American workers report having been victims of workplace violence.1

For some occupations, violence in the workplace is the 3rd leading cause of death.1

Over 60% of active assailant/ active shooter incidents are over before the police arrive.2

27% of businesses have experienced at least one violent workplace incident within the last five years.3

Trident Shield takes a holistic approach to workplace violence training. Ultimately, the productivity and success of your team is dependent on their well-being beyond the work day. Our WorkLife Safety® programs teach skills that will be with your team at work, at home, and throughout their daily lives.

Workplace violence can be a difficult subject. We specialize in reaching out to people of all backgrounds and learning styles. Our goal when training any group is to present the most effective training available, while remaining compassionate and relatable, and maintaining your organization’s culture.

While prevention of violence is the goal, we at Trident Shield prefer to use the term readiness. We teach you not only how to prevent violence by being aware of the indicators and signs, but how to prepare for, respond to, and recover from a violent incident. We know that violence does occur, and first responders rarely arrive in time to help. Our training can make the difference when seconds mean lives.

With incidents of workplace violence on the rise, it is easy to see how investing in prevention and readiness now can pay off. Benefits for an organization that has invested in our training are: established systems and procedures to protect the company and employees from a potential active threat, reduced liability, leverage in negotiations with insurance providers, increased employee morale, peace of mind, and overall empowerment of the organization.

Customers We Serve

  • Corporations
  • Schools/Educational
  • Faith-Based
  • Government Agencies
  • Individuals

Client Objectives

  • Protecting company and employees
  • Reduce liability
  • Peace of mind
  • Empowerment
  • Improve morale
  • Team-building

Trident Shield Delivers Value

Workplace Violence & Active Shooter Readiness Training: Designed to train employees by instilling in them a practice of personal safety, and the fortitude to maintain it when faced with the unexpected.

Business Support Aids: Free tools and templates to help you communicate with your team, conduct skills evaluations, manage and track employees through the course, as well as receive news and reminders to keep you informed and up-to-date. Additional option to upgrade and receive personal training and guidance from a Trident Shield expert.

Culture of Awareness: Cultivate an environment of prevention by training staff to detect safety threats and to aptly handle concerns as directed by their employers.

Safety can boost employee morale, increase productivity and lower costs.

– National Safety Council

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