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Beyond Workplace Violence Training

If you are worried about the potential of an active shooter at your workplace, you are not alone. In fact, in recent surveys, the majority of respondents named active shooter as the biggest physical threat their organizations currently face. With this reality comes the challenge of finding training that is effective, empowering, and relatable to the most diverse workforce in history.


With Trident Shield’s workplace violence and active shooter training programs, you can confidently provide your valuable employees with training that is built upon expertise, empathy, and sustainability, gifting them with the life-saving skills needed in today’s world.

Choose From Several Training Options

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Instructor-Led Seminars

Instructor-Led Seminars

Our highly educational training session will leave you feeling empowered to take charge of workplace violence and personal safety. This 4-hour training session is a real boost in morale. 

Online Training Programs

Online Training Programs

The most comprehensive online program in existence. Expert advice and techniques that will teach your employees how to apply the skills both in the workplace and in their personal life.

Live, Remote Webinars

Live, Remote Webinars

Our webinar training sessions are simply a remote version of our Instructor-Led Seminars. Your team enjoys the same level of interaction with the instructor and benefits from the same Q&A session at the end.

Train The Facilitator Model

Train The Facilitator

Select employees receive expert guidance to apply Trident Shield's active shooter training to your specific facilities to ensure that your team is properly prepared if workplace violence occurs.

What You Need To Know

Knowing What To Look For Matters

2021 Workplace Violence Behavioral Threat Assessment Chart

Downloade this FREE resource today, display it in your office, and make everyone around you safer.

This Workplace Violence Behavioral Threat Assessment Chart is designed to help you and your team look for and identify changes in behavioral patterns within coworkers.  Remember, behaviors are not all equal - they are data points, which can be used to create a profile of someone who may represent a potential threat of violence.  The totality of circumstances must be considered.

Understanding Our Training Philosophy

Avoid Violence Where Possible, Respond To It When Necessary

It is important to understand that in the event of an active shooter, YOU will be the true First Responder! Our Active Assailant Readiness Training is uniquely designed to help people feel empowered to take appropriate and decisive action during a life-threatening situation. What sets our programs apart from other active shooter training classes is that we put protecting you and your people first. While most training programs use fear tactics that serve only to further unnerve trainees, we take an approach that helps build confidence and morale. Self-defense and the defense of others can be an essential skill in almost any situation, so our goal is to give people the depth of knowledge that makes them feel safe during their workday and in their personal lives. Our blend of live and online active shooter training programs makes it easy for organizations to train their employees annually and upon hiring, ensuring that every person receives the protection they deserve.

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Expertise, Empathy, And Sustainability

At Trident Shield, we offer professional safety training programs for a variety of industries, as we know different clients have varying needs and limitations. Three of our main safety solutions available for professional environments include in-person active shooter training, online active shooter training, and live, remote webinars. Each type of training will make sure you and your employees have all the valuable working knowledge you need to create a safer, happier workspace. These training mediums will create the foundation of your organization’s active shooter response plan, ensuring that everyone knows what to do during an emergency.

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Exceeding Government Standards

Our Training is consistent with or exceeds recommendations of DHS, OSHA, and the FBI as they relate to active assailant training, the education sector and workplace violence prevention programs.

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Training Programs For Specific Environments

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The Workplace






Prepare, Escape, Hide, Defend

The "Secret Sauce" Behind Our Training Programs

Our training is built around four main actions that can help you prevent or survive an active shooter situation:


Prepare: Proper preparation is an essential component of your active shooter plan and one that is often overlooked. Our active shooter emergency response seminars will provide you with methods to prevent an active shooter situation from taking place, as well as items to prepare once an attack as begun. Important concepts such as situational awareness, indicator behaviors, and active planning are all included in learning how to be prepared for an active shooter in the workplace.


Escape: Escaping may seem like a straight-forward concept, but it is actually much more complicated than simply “run”. How you escape will be influenced by factors such as the type of weapon being used against you, the location of the threat (danger close vs. danger far), the environment you are in, available items that can provide cover, and more.  Equally important is to learn how to assess if escaping is even a safe and available response option for you.


Hide: If escaping isn’t currently an option for you or the people around you, your next course of action is to find a place to safely hide from the threat. Hiding is so much more than sitting under a desk or stacking chairs against the door! Our course will teach you how to properly barricade during a life-threatening situation so that you can wait for an opportunity to escape or stop the attacker.


Defend: During an active shooter situation, you might think you have a slim chance of standing up to someone with a firearm, but there are ways you can gain the advantage during this type of attack and even neutralize the attacker. Trident Shield instructors will provide you and your employees with information about how to defend yourself and others from an attacker if the need arises. You can use the tactics we'll teach you to ambush and even disarm the assailant, saving as many lives as possible.

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Fight Or Flight - Or Panic?

Learn How To Make The Best Simple Decisions In An Active Shooter Event

If you’re untrained and have little experience with assailant situations, you’ll probably have a hard time reacting in a productive way when the time comes.  Unlike most other programs that tell you only what to do, our active assailant readiness training programs will provide you with the level of detail to know exactly how, when, where, and why to perform the response options.  This distinction can make all the difference when it comes time to save your life.  While there’s usually some uncertainty surrounding active shooter situations, having the training and making the suggested preparations will give you and the others in your workplace an advantage over the attacker.


At Trident Shield, we're concerned with more than just training your team and going our separate ways — we care deeply about building relationships with our clients and helping you keep your people safe. Whether you are a company of 10 or 10,000, it is our mission and passion to work with you to make sure all your security needs are met.


Look at the details below to learn more about all of our training programs.

The Final Word On Our Training Mediums

Instructor-Led Active Shooter Training Seminars

Our instructor-led training will give your team a personal, interactive, lecture-style education on active shooter safety and the knowledge to properly integrate it with your facility’s daily processes. To prepare you for active assailant situations, we’ll send our expert security professionals to your facility to provide this four-hour, dynamic active shooter instruction course.  The benefit of having all your personnel take an in-person training course with us is that it will give your staff a unique firsthand learning experience. You’ll have the opportunity to interact with instructors, ask questions and participate in real discussions. This helps ensure that your team will retain the information and properly apply the skills and techniques within your specific facility.

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Need more than one live session?


Ask about our discounted pricing on additional in-person sessions.

Looking To Enhance Your On-Site Or Online Training Experience?

Brand It

Your live or online training session can be customized to include information specific to your organization, such as your logos, facility images,policies, or emergency action plan details.

Build It

Don't fit the mold of the typical corporate model? No problem! We can create a version of our Active Shooter program to ensure that the training will work for you!

Run It

Our Facilitator model will equip select members of your team with a deeper understanding of the skills so they can help your employees apply the training to their individual work spaces.

Online Active Shooter Training Programs

While in-person training is the ideal option for many companies, some might feel that they don't have the flexibility to have everyone participate in a live session. That’s why we also have workplace violence online training for leaders, employees, and individuals who would rather train on their own time and at their own pace. Our online options are interactive, convenient and easy to understand, which means participants can get all the necessary information without the need for a live instructor.

Online Training

As an often more affordable and sustainable option than in-person training, this online program for active shooter training is made up of text, photos, videos, interactive components, and quizzes to make the learning experience both valuable and engaging. You receive the same invaluable training content as our live presentation without interrupting your business operations.


Another benefit of partnering with us is that we offer personalized online safety programs to include your organization’s specific information, such as logos, imagery, and policies.  Additionally, certain training packages provide our clients with unlimited employee turnover, meaning that any replacement hires will have access to the training without any extra cost to your organization for the life of your contract. Contact us for more information and to learn if you qualify for this benefit!

Looking To Enhance Your On-Site Or Online Training Experience?

Efficient & Flexible

Convenient online active shooter training courses available to employees no matter the time or location. Training is responsive across devices and platforms.

Manage Risk

Manage security risks, both physically and fiscally, by preparing for unexpected threats. Reduce your overall liability by training your entire organization.

Stay Current

Threats and the techniques used to counter them are constantly changing. Receive updated training content throughout each year of your contract.

Morale Boost

As an added benefit, our workplace safety training will increase employee engagement and boost overall morale through a culture of safety and care.

Live, Remote Webinars

Is your organization too complex to get everyone together in one place at the same time but you still want your active shooter training to have that personal connection and feel? Our Live, Remote Webinars may be what you're looking for. Simply put, these webinar training sessions are virtually identical to our In-Person Seminars - they're just done remotely. Your team will still get to interact with their instructor and they'll still benefit from the live Q&A session that follows the training's completion. It's an ideal blend of the premiume experience you get with our In-Person Seminars and the flexibility you get from our online training programs.

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Train The Facilitator Program

Do you have multiple locations around the state or around the country? Our Train The Facilitator model might be a practical, cost-saving solution for your organization. This unique platform allows our clients to send representatives to this 2-Day, 16-Hour training class for the purposes of learning how to apply Trident Shield's active shooter training principles to their specific locations. For some examples, your select employees will learn how to identify and grade adequate barricading spaces within your facilities, how to identify off-site rally points per location, and how to administer and sustain the Trident Shield training program into the future. Not to mention they'll learn which policies & procedures are most critical to a cohesive and comprehensive workplace violence program and then how to properly implement them. This goes way beyond your typical "train-the-trainer" model.

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