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"Our training WON'T SCARE YOUR PEOPLE and our programs can scale to ACCOMMODATE ANY BUDGET, but if your organization doesn't take safety seriously, Trident Shield probably isn't for you. Preventing violence in the workplace - up to and including Active Shooters - is an incredibly complex topic that CAN'T BE SOLVED WITH A 5-MINUTE VIDEO, which is really just a "CYA."  Plus, it sends the UNMISTAKABLE MESSAGE to your employees - "We don't really care about your safety."  If you're serious about avoiding violence through prevention and responding to unavoidable violence through proper training and preparation, keep scrolling.  WE COMMEND YOUR EFFORT and sincerely hope to speed that effort towards success!"

- Your Trident Shield Team

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Saving Your Time & Respecting Your Budget

Outsourced Risk Management


Risk Management, Loss Prevention, Asset Protection - whichever term you prefer, our clients just call it Trident Shield.

Risk & Compliance Made Easy

Security Consulting Services


Professional and comprehensive security consulting services that can help you assess and solve your security challenges.

Empowering Training Programs For All

Workplace Violence Training


In the event of an active shooter, YOU will be the true First Responder! Are you trained to respond correctly?

Need Some Help Getting Started?

Focus On Progress, Not Perfection

If you are reading this, you are likely responsible for finding a solution to prepare your organization for violence in this age of divisiveness, civil unrest, and active shooter events.  That is no small task!  There are two things we like to say to someone in your position: firstly, we are proud of you and your employer for taking this seriously and for caring about your people; and secondly, breathe easy, you are in the right place.

A Company Born From Pure Passion

At Trident Shield, safety is our passion. We provide life-saving education and easy-to-implement programs to help you prevent workplace violence and correctly respond to all kinds of violence  - including an active shooter.  Our goal is to earn and keep your trust through every step of this process and we would be honored to partner with you to protect those you value most.

Where To Start?

You Can Start Right Here, Right Now!

Every Great Initiative Starts With A Single Step

Workplace Violence Prevention Checklist - Pages - Transparent Background

Download your FREE Workplace Violence Prevention Checklist and get started today!

This checklist is designed to help you implement a comprehensive Workplace Violence Program or improve an existing one. For any program to be functional and sustainable, it is important to address the issue holistically, so you can anticipate components that will be impacted by your actiona and plan accordingly. Focussing on progress rather than perfection will maximize your budget and time!

Some Statistics To Consider

Don't Assume It Won't Happen To You

Many people and companies assume that they will never encounter a dangerous active shooter situation.  You could be making a grave mistake by leaving yourself and your organization vulnerable to violence in the workplace.  Take a moment and consider these statistics on violence in the workplace.

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2 Million

2 Million

The number of American workers who report being victims of workplace violence each year.



The percentage of active shooter/active assailant incidents that end before police arrive.

$121 Billion

$121 Billion

The total cost to employers as a result of workplace violence each and every year.



The percentage of businesses that have experienced at least one violent incident.

Exceeding Government Standards

Our Training is consistent with or exceeds recommendations of DHS, OSHA, and the FBI as they relate to active assailant training, the education sector and workplace violence prevention programs.

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Your People Are Counting On You

As employers, we all have a responsibility to protect those who work for us, as stated in OSHA's General Duty Clause Section 5(a)(1) "Each employer shall furnish to each of his employees [...] a place of employment which are free from recognized hazards that are causing or are likely to cause death or serious physical harm to his employees."   Under this regulation, some organizations have been found liable for failing to provide training on how to survive a critical incident.

Our programs provide you coverage from this and much more.

We're Not Like the Rest.

Workplace Violence Training + Emotional Intelligence = Empowerment

With the most diverse workforce in history, the common shock-and-awe approach to active shooter training is simply not effective at properly preparing your people.  To accomplish your goals, you need a program designed with your team in mind.  At Trident Shield, we believe you do not have to scare your people to protect them and we have developed solutions that will fit your organization's culture and budget.

From our out-of-the-box online programs to our fully customized security consulting and content production, our philosophy is constant:

Empower each individual to make the best simple decisions to avoid or survive violence.

Simply Put, We Take the Pain Out Of Active Shooter Preparedness

Our programs are flexible, scalable, and sustainable, making them simple to incorporate into your organizational culture. The engaging content offers the most comprehensive and in-depth training on active shooter available today, resulting in your people being empowered both in the workplace and in all aspects of their personal life.

Which industry-leading solution are you looking for today?

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Workplace Safety

Your team is your most important and valuable asset. It's essential to provide a safe environment to reduce the risk of potential harm to your employees and your organization.

School Safety

No student or teacher should have to be scared going to school due to the fear of an active shooter or assailant. Help your faculty, staff, and students regain their confidence by preparing with a comprehensive safety program.

Personal Safety

No one should have to experience an active shooter attack or violent situation. Learn how to prevent violence and protect yourself and your loved ones, whether at work, home, or in public.

We've Got Your Back

Looking For A Provider With High-level Experience?

We've got you covered.  Our diverse group of experienced trainers consists of Navy SEALs, veteran police officers, decorated former military, and private security experts.

Worried About Relatability?  Don't Be!

Worried that your people will have a hard time relating to such an elite group of instructors and experiences? We thought of that too!  Our content is a blend of the world's best tactics acquired from decades of military and law enforcement service combined with an emotionally intelligent training approach influenced by our WorkLife Safety Coaches, who are every day people just like you.

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