Equiping Parents To Protect Their Own

What Will You & Your Child Learn?

The ultimate goal of our training is to equip the user with such a preventative mindset so that they never find themselves in a violent situation.  That's why so much of our content - about 40% - deals with the preventative side of this equation.  Since Situational Awareness is the central component of every personal safety initiative, we teach what it really looks like and how to easily incorporate it using our Situational Awareness Dial.  Also included are lessons on Inhibitors to Situational Awareness, Recognizing Escalating Patterns of Behavior, Active Planning, Normalcy Bias, Stress Inoculation and more.  Once we wrap up the preventative side, we transition to the more dynamic, skill-based response options like Escaping, Barricading, and how to effectively defend your life if you ever had to.


We focus on ‘Foundational Elements’ to equip you with the knowledge and confidence to recognize, avoid, or diffuse a situation before it reaches the point of violence.                                                                   


It is equally essential that you are properly educated on how to respond in a violent situation. Our course shows you how to prepare yourself and your loved ones.                                                                      


We cover crucial survival techniques. In these dynamic situations, no single action will be the ‘correct’ answer for everyone. We equip you with the ability to make your own decisions to survive violent incidents.

With Active Shooter Readiness, Don't Settle For 'Check the Box' Alternatives

You Think Professionals Are Expensive? Try Hiring An Amateur.

Your people are scared. They want to know that you have a plan and care enough to invest in training that could someday save their lives. Take action today to address your employees' concerns. When done correctly, a comprehensive Workplace Violence Program, to include training, policies and procedures, will alleviate the fears of your team and strengthen your organizational culture immeasurably.


When designing our programs and services, we left no stone unturned when considering how to support a company like yours in implementing a safety initiative. The result of this effort is that we are not your 'check the box' solution. We will never be satisfied with giving you partial answers that only scratch the surface of this issue and leave your employees more confused and scared than they were before we started. The quality and depth of our content reflects that principle. From our implementation guide with suggested language on messaging to your team, to a cultural analysis during our site assessments to ensure we recommend solutions you will actually use, to the deliberate use of emotional intelligence in our training, our goal is to make your program as effective and well-received as possible.

Simply put, we are experts at eliminating fear. Let us take away yours today.

How Are The Courses Formatted?

Engaging content such as instructor-led tutorials, dynamic visuals, interactive elements, and video sequences

Organized in short, easily digestable segments making it easier for you to control how, when, and where you train

Complete control over when and how you participate in the training; compatible with desktop, tablet and mobile

Short quizzes throughout the course to serve as knowledge checks and ensure increased content retention

Unlimited Training Access For An Entire Year

Flexible Online Training Designed With Your Child In Mind

Our School Safety Programs for Students are 100% age appropriate for High School and College level students (roughly 14 years and older).  Students at these ages (and even some junior high students) are smart enough, big enough, strong enough, and mature enough to be part of the solution when it comes to preventing and responding to violence in the school. That's why we created a training program just for them.


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Parents who subscribe to our School Programs benefit from 365-days of Unlimited Access to the content.  This means parents can experience the entire training program first-hand and decide if a topic is too advanced for their child.  Plus our School Programs allow for "free-form" navigation so your student can skip a module without limiting their ability to complete the rest of the program.


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Students should not have to rely on the guidance of their teachers during these chaotic events, which is why we developed a version of our school course specifically for them. From being empowered to recognize and act upon warning signs in a peer, to learning how to barricade themselves safely within their classroom, this course provides essential, life-saving information to your students.

Why This Training Is Important

It's Better To Have It And Not Need It Than To Need It And Not Have It

We all would like to think it can’t happen to us, but the unfortunate reality is that violence does happen. As recent events have shown, there are often red flags that predict violent acts. Our active shooter training course teaches you how to cultivate awareness, and how to recognize the signs of potential violence. And, in case a violent event does occur, we teach you how to respond effectively.  If your employer or child's school has not yet provided training for you, take the initiative to make yourself or your child safer by enrolling in these comprehensive programs.

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