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We pride ourselves on delivering an amazing service to our clients.  Our experience and knowledge allow us to provide a level of service that is unmatched in our industry.  We hope you will take some time to review these testimonials because you'll no doubt relate to some of them.

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Best In The Industry

"Trident Shield provides the best Workplace Violence & Active Shooter training in the industry. Their training is superior to anything that I have encountered throughout my career."

- Justin Ford | President of Risk Management and Training | Veritas Drilling Solutions

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Compliments At Every Level

"When we began looking at an Active Assailant solution for our organization, I was pleased to meet Jason, who provided a top-notch, thorough, and complete program. Jason listened to our concerns, providing expertise while being sensitive to preserve our culture and customer service emphasis. He and his team were responsive, answered our questions and concerns, and provided solutions that were easy to follow and implement. At every level, I have received compliments for the steps we have taken and the solutions we implemented through our partnership with Jason and his team. He was the right person for our organization."

- Derick Dickens | Director of Training & Development | Langley Federal Credit Union

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Nothing But Positive Feedback

"Trident Shield provided four hours of workplace safety to my team of about 35 people. They are extremely knowledgeable, professional and use humor appropriately to make the training more fun. My team has shared the information they learned far and wide and I have received nothing but positive feedback from all who attended. Trident Shield provides a framework and real world tools and techniques to make you feel safer and more confident in your abilities to react should you ever need to. Do yourself and your team a huge favor and show them that their safety is your #1 priority. Money and time very well spent and your team will appreciate it."

- Linda Dunlap | Vice President, Enterprise Transformation Office | Children's Health in Dallas

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Delivered As Promised

"I am honored to provide a recommendation for Trident Shield, as their team brought tremendous value to our organization. Trident Shield's experience and insight provided a thorough risk assessment, operational plan, and training that surpassed other consultants in their field. They were attentive to our expectations and respectful of our culture. Trident Shield delivered as promised, exceeding even, and I would recommend their services to others."

- Isabelle Nawrocki | Risk Management/Compliance/BSA/Fraud | Chartway Federal Credit Union

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Would Strongly Recommend

"I would like to share with you that Trident Shield has been a great resource and provider of services to our company. Trident Shield's expertise in contemporary issues related to both personal and corporate security has provided our employees and team a path forward to understand the challenging world we all live within. I would strongly recommend one consider Trident Shield if you are exploring a company that is hands on and can provide customized services for your needs."

- Mel Rothberg | Vice President & Site Head | Quotient Sciences

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Delivered As Promised

"I have worked with Trident Shield over the past couple of years and they have provided consultative services and training to my clients on organizational and personal security. The training and consultative services are the best I have seen in the industry. Trident Shield's services are delivered at a high level with no gimmicks or scare tactics, which I have witnessed in other security companies. Trident Shield's instructors will "talk to" employees rather than "talk at" them. Their training provides a framework with real world solutions and techniques to make your organization and employees feel safer and more confident on how to handle issues if they should arise. The training provided to me has changed my life professionally and personally on how to protect myself and my family. The training goes beyond business safety and security and allows you to use the information in your personal life. I thought the training was so beneficial that I had my wife and kids (college age) go through it. I would highly recommend Trident Shield for any organizational or personal security training initiatives."

- Dan Warnock | Risk Control Manager | Marsh McLennan Agency

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I Recommend To Anyone

"I have worked with Trident Shield for over 5 years. Their Founder & CEO, Jason Perry, has a one of a kind personal life story. This experience allows Jason to connect with all levels of people within an organization. Trident Shield consults on company site security, Incident Response (active shooter) and other somewhat intimidating subject matters. They are able to cover the material and subject matter in a way that gives the audience the tools they need while also empowering them. Always positive, high energy and passionate about saving lives, I recommend Trident Shield to anyone who has an interest and desire in keeping their employees and families safe."

- Tom Tichenor | Senior Vice President Marsh-Risk Consulting and Insurance Brokerage

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Delivered As Promised

"Jason Perry is a leader in safety program development and safety cultural improvement. His extensive career as a Navy SEAL, paramedic, and Boston SWAT officer reinforces his subject matter expertise. Through his trainings and lectures, employees gain crucial knowledge that extends beyond your organization's walls. His thoughtful and compassionate approach empowers personnel at every level and enhances safety program buy-in. The right mindset of our employees is an important component of Apex's award winning safety program and he helped facilitate that. I highly recommend, Jason Perry."

- John Boyle | Health and Safety Manager at Apex Clean Energy

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On October 1st my life changed forever as bullets rained down on us...

"On October 1st, 2017 my life changed forever as bullets rained down on us at a Country Music Festival in Las Vegas. I suffer everyday and my life has changed in so many ways. One of my goals in healing is to feel more prepared in the event I am ever in a situation like that again. I don’t want to continue to feel like a victim. So I attended a fantastic training recently at ACAC! Jason and Lauren were wonderful! I left feeling empowered and better equipped. The training was something everyone should go through.... because you just don’t know when it could happen to you. I never thought I would survive the worst mass shooting in Modern US history but I did. Do yourself a favor and attend a training with Jason and Lauren ASAP! It could save your life!"

-Cortney Carroll | Survivor | Route 91 Harvest Music Festival | Las Vegas, Nevada

These Guys Are A Difference Maker

"Went to an incredible training with Trident Shield. The training spanned two days. Day one was classroom based where I learned useful information, watched informative videos, and interacted with various self defense methods. Day 2 was all interactive and roll play based. Best training of my life. So solid was the training that I actually used a key skill on the job a month later. These guys are a difference maker!"

- Greg Crow | Teacher & Church Security

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His Team's Approach Is Extraordinary

"Having worked with Jason and participated in a number of his programs, I feel his team's approach to critical incident and workplace safety is extraordinary. Jason personally brings an expertise and passion to Trident Shield's programs that is second to none."

- Grant Gamble | Business Growth Consultant, Author and Keynote Speaker

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Hands Down The Best

"Hands down the best safety presentation I've ever sat through. Lauren and Jason take what is a difficult topic and make it informative, enjoyable, and empowering. Effortlessly weaving in personal experiences, how to apply to work and everyday life, and even interject the perfectly timed joke. That is not easy given the subject matter. I immediately was engaged and felt comfortable. I'd highly recommend to any company to offer to staff. Great job!"

- Kerry Wollard | General Manager at Trump Winery

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