Active Shooter Training & Security Consulting for Schools

Helping Today's Faculty Protect Our Future

No student or teacher should have to be scared going to school due to the fear of an active shooter or active assailant. Help your faculty, staff, and students regain their confidence by preparing them with a comprehensive safety program. Our training and consulting programs can be scaled to suit individual schools or entire school districts.  Simply reach out to us for more information.

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Preparing Teachers & Protecting Students

Sleep Well Knowing That Your Teachers And Students Are Prepared

We are excited to join you on your noble initiative to protect our children and their educators! Whether you are in the early phases of research or have already refined what you are looking for, we are here to help. We believe that you will notice several things that set us apart from the rest and that will put you at ease when entrusting us with your faculty, staff, and students' well-being.

If you would rather talk on the phone so that you can hear about our company straight from us, please feel free to schedule a call now!

All Our School Offerings At A Glance

Comprehensive Never Felt So Simple

From quick, out of the box online training programs to completely customized outsourced risk management solutions, we have the ability to match your school's needs and deliver against any budget out there.  We need only to hear from you and learn more about your security initiatives to help you win the day.  Below you will find each of our school offerings to consider.

Outsourced Risk Management

Outsourced Risk Management

Every school has to manage risk but not every school needs a full-time Risk Manager on staff. That's where Trident Shield comes in. From policy & procedure development to scalable student/faculty training to active crisis management & recovery, Trident Shield is your partner through it all. 

Security Consulting Services

Security Consulting Services

We offer consulting services to schools and school districts alike. Whether you want an assessment of a new campus's safety and security measures, a revision of your Emergency Action Plan, or some immediate advice during critical incidents, we can create a program specific to your needs and budget.

Comprehensive Online Training Programs

Comprehensive Online Training Programs

Your faculty is busy and pausing operations for large group training can be costly. Our online Active Shooter training programs allow your faculty to learn at their own pace, on their own time, and in their own space. We can even customize the course to fit your school's culture and branding.

Live, Remote Webinars

Live, Remote Webinars

Our webinar training sessions are simply a remote version of our Instructor-Led Seminars. Your team enjoys the same level of interaction with the instructor and benefits from the same Q&A session at the end.

Live, Instructor-Led Seminars

Live, Instructor-Led Seminars

Our highly educational training session will leave you feeling empowered to take charge of school violence and personal safety. Each session will empower your faculty to avoid violence where possible and correctly respond to violence if it happens.

Train The Facilitator Programs

Train The Facilitator Programs

Receive expert guidance to apply Trident Shield's training to your specific school campuses to ensure that your team is properly prepared if violence occurs.  This 2-day, 16 hour course takes our Active Assailant Readiness Training to the next level!

Exceeding Government Standards

Our Training is consistent with or exceeds recommendations of DHS, OSHA, and the FBI as they relate to active assailant training, the education sector, and workplace violence prevention programs.

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Seperate Training Programs For Faculty & Students

Online and In-Person Training Designed With Our Audience In Mind

High school aged students are old enough, smart enough, big enough, and mature enough to be part of the solution when it comes to avoiding and responding to violence in the school. That's why we created two distinct training programs: one for faculty and one for students.



A comprehensive active shooter training course on violence in the school environment to train your faculty and staff how to prevent or respond to an attack. Your team will learn to recognize concerning behaviors in a student to head-off potential violence, how to respond in a manner that will keep themselves and their students safer during an attack, and much more.


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Students should not have to rely on the guidance of their teachers during these chaotic events, which is why we developed a version of our school course specifically for them. From being empowered to recognize and act upon warning signs in a peer, to learning how to barricade themselves safely within their classroom, this course provides essential, life-saving information to your students.

Parent Involvement

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We know that this is a highly sensitive topic and that it is natural for parents to be concerned about what their children are being taught. Parents are welcome to attend the live training sessions or to go through our online course prior to their child. For students middle school-aged and younger, we recommend that parents take the training ahead of their child and then share the information as they see fit.

School Safety FAQs

Safer Schools Through Parental Involvement

How do I know if my child’s school is safe?

My child’s school’s Active Assailant plan is to lockdown – is that good enough?

What can be done about the new trend of attackers using the fire alarm to lure out students?

I’ve seen stories about schools arming their students with rocks. Is that really a good option?

How old should my child be before taking Trident Shield's Active Shooter course?

Will this training scare my child?

What makes you different from other programs?

Do you train Run, Hide, Fight?

Who should take this training?

How often should I check the sex offender registry?

How can I stay connected to information about school safety?

How do I get my child’s school to do quality training?

Did We Leave Anything Out? 

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With Active Shooter Readiness, Don't Settle For 'Check the Box' Alternatives

You Think Professionals Are Expensive? Try Hiring An Amateur.

Your people are scared. They want to know that you have a plan and care enough to invest in training that could someday save their lives. Take action today to address your faculty's concerns. When done correctly, a comprehensive School Violence Program, to include training, policies and procedures, will alleviate the fears of your teachers and strengthen your school's culture immeasurably.


When designing our programs and services, we left no stone unturned when considering how to support a school like yours in implementing a safety initiative. The result of this effort is that we are not your 'check the box' solution. We will never be satisfied with giving you partial answers that only scratch the surface of this issue and leave your educators more confused and scared than they were before we started. The quality and depth of our content reflects that principle. From our implementation guide with suggested language on messaging to your team, to a cultural analysis during our site assessments to ensure we recommend solutions you will actually use, to the deliberate use of emotional intelligence in our training, our goal is to make your program as effective and well-received as possible.

Simply put, we are experts at eliminating fear. Let us take away yours today.

Free Resources To Get You Going!

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