Why Active Shooter Training Should Not Focus On Fear

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Written by: Jason Perry, Founder & CEO of Trident Shield

Active shooter drills can be traumatizing, and as a result, don’t meet the intended purpose of saving lives in the event of a critical incident. Instead of drills that dramatize terror, rehearsals can foster the confidence and competence people need to react without adding unnecessary harm.

As a former Navy SEAL, SWAT officer and Team trainer, Jason Perry brings more than two decades of experience to creating specialized training programs that focus on critical incident and workplace safety assessment and response.

The Hill recently published an article Jason wrote that examines why active shooter training often results in unnecessary trauma and provides an alternative approach. Heightened awareness is now part of the fabric of our society, but for training to actually save lives, it should empower people to deal with violence—not intensify fear. What’s your criteria for selecting a training program to help keep your people safe?

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