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2022 Halloween Safety Guide

If Halloween feels a little different this year, that's because it is. Threats keep evolving but we keep informing. Let's make sure you're up to speed on all you need to know.  Scroll down to the next section to watch this video safety guide and download our 2022 Halloween Safety Checklist!

Download This Year's Guide to a Safe Trick-or-Treating!

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Watch This Year's Halloween Safety Video

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Since We're Already Talking About Protecting Your Kids...

This online program is age appropriate for high school or college students and available for purchase by parents & grandparents who simply want piece of mind knowing their kid doesn't have to rely on "Lock-Down" drills as their only defense against violence at school.  Every parent sleeps better knowing their child is equipped with actual skills & life-lessons that give them the knowledge & confidence to  avoid, prepare for, respond to, and survive a violent event on campus.

During this 2-hour program, your student will learn Trident Shield's four-step system of Prepare, Escape, Hide, Defend.  They will spend considerable time learning life-long preventative concepts like Situational Awareness, Recognizing Behaviors of Concern, Active Planning, Normalcy Bias, and much more.   From there, they will dive into our more dynamic content teaching them the skills of Escaping, Barricading, and Defending Their Life.

Access to this program is unlimited and lasts for 365 days.  This allows parents plenty of time to preview the course entirely or complete the course with their child, pausing where necessary to answer questions or provide context.  The bottom line is that you, the parent, are in total control of what content you provide your child.  This program is a great idea for upcoming graduates going off to college or moving out on their own as it gives them the ability to view the world differently and in a much safer, more proactive way then before.


Now is the time to act!  Click the button below to take 25% off this incredible program!

Note: We realize some of you already have access to this great Student program through the Workplace training bundle provided by your employer. We would be so incredibly grateful if you would consider taking a moment to forward this page to some of your other friends with kids.  Since you're already familiar with our training and how beneficial it is, who better to get other parents' attention than you?!

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.

~ Benjamin Franklin

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