School Active Assailant Readiness for Individual Students


Aside from ineffective “shelter-in-place” or “lock-down” drills, most public and private school systems and independent districts fail to provide any actionable training to our kids that might actually save their lives.  Too many times we hear about schools becoming aware of an active threat on campus only after the assailant has gained access to the building.  In those situations our kids need to know how to properly assess the situation and choose the correct plan of action.  This is where we see our current education system as a whole dropping the ball.  Help educate your kids to be part of the positive change we need right now.  Give them the tools to be their own first responder to a critical event at school.

This course provides the student with the knowledge and confidence he or she needs to prepare for, prevent, respond to, and survive violent events, and not just at school either!  This online training program is the most comprehensive approach to empowering your family to live safely in today’s society.  This training program’s content will NOT scare you or your child because we don’t subscribe to the “fear-based” learning like so many others.  Rather, we constantly use emotional intelligence and interactive learning elements to deliver practical life-safety lessons and dynamic response skills that equip students to make the best, simple decisions when it matters most.

Our student course was filmed on school campuses and produced for the student’s point of view.  It is 100% age appropriate for high school and college students.  For middle school and elementary students, we recommend the parent complete the course first and then choose which topics to share with their child.  Your student’s training can begin immediately after purchase and they can continue to access this life-saving content from any device with internet access: phone, tablet, PC, Android, Chromebook, or Mac.

Our introductory price of $21 is reduced from $79 for a limited time.  Don’t miss this chance to gain piece of mind while preparing your kids with the tools to stay safe wherever life takes them!



Trident Shield’s Student Active Assailant Readiness Training program teaches you how to prepare for, prevent, respond to, and survive a violent event at your school. This program exceeds all known standards established by OSHA, Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and the FBI for Active Assailant training programs.

You will learn our Four-Part Readiness Program: Prepare, Escape, Hide, Defend by focusing on these core concepts:

Prepare: A significant portion of this course will focus on how to properly Prepare, both before and during a violent event. Preparing before a violent event includes educating yourself on the specific potential risks you may encounter and learning specialized techniques that will help you prevent or survive a violent event. You will also learn how to prepare to take action once a violent event has begun so you have the best chance of success when implementing your Escape, Hide, or Defend response plan.

Prevent: We equip you with the knowledge and confidence to help prevent the majority of safety risks from ever reaching the point of extreme violence. Small changes to your routine will keep you safer throughout your day, and understanding signs of behavioral changes within your school community can additionally prevent a potential safety risk from escalating.

Survive: The ‘Skills’ component of the course will cover crucial survival techniques. In these dynamic situations, no single action will be the ‘correct’ answer for everyone, so our goal is to equip each person with the ability to make their own informed and rational decisions to survive the event.

Safety in all aspects of your life: Throughout the training, the advice and techniques discussed will teach you how to apply the skills both in your school community and in your personal life.