Workplace Active Assailant Readiness for Individuals


Do you not feel adequately equipped with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to plan for, assess, respond to, and survive an active shooter situation at work?  Maybe your employer thinks a free, 6-minute “Run, Hide, Fight” video is all you need. Maybe you’ve had a close call or two in your past and you just know there’s more you can do to better protect yourself and those around you in the event of a violent event.

What To Expect From This Training:

  • No “Fear-based” Learning – Our training won’t scare you. In fact, it’s probably the most empowering 90 minutes you’ll ever experience!
  • No Politics – We don’t push some hidden agenda or challenge anyone’s core beliefs. We simply help individuals live a safer life.
  • Prevention Is Always Best – While we include all aspects of a complete and robust training program, we spend a great deal of time on the preventative side of this equation, helping you recognize, avoid, or mitigate violence in your daily life.



Given the dynamic nature of an Active Assailant incident, it is essential to educate yourself on proper Active Assailant Readiness.  Trident Shield’s Workplace Active Assailant Readiness Training educates you on preventing, preparing for, responding to, and surviving a violent event within your workplace, using our Four-Part Readiness Program: Prepare, Escape, Hide, Defend.  Proper preparation will equip you with the knowledge and confidence to help prevent a situation from ever reaching the point of extreme violence, and to help minimize casualties in an attack. Understanding concepts like normalcy bias and situational awareness helps you become more tuned in to your environments, whether at work, home, or in public.  This makes you more likely to notice precursors to a violent event. Many violent events or Active Assailant situations could have been prevented if only people had recognized the indicators and responded appropriately and proactively. Our Active Assailant program aims to empower you with the ability to be that positive change and help prevent a violent event from ever occurring.


We know that your safety and well-being is essential to your success both in and out of the office.  Violence in someone’s personal life often extends into the workplace, limiting their own ability to work and impacting the environment and safety of their coworkers.  We help mitigate these risks by weaving life-safety skills throughout the training program that can easily and immediately be applied in your daily lives.


Unfortunately, there are some violent situations that cannot be prevented or avoided, and it is equally essential that you are properly educated in how to respond effectively. Trident Shield’s training program will educate on how to prepare yourself and your workspace for the quickest and most effective response in the event of an Active Assailant.  Our ‘Skills’ component of the training will cover crucial survival techniques, including how to barricade properly, how to disarm an attacker in a manner that minimizes risk to you, and how to use everyday objects as an effective defensive weapon if you find yourself in a fight for your life.   Given the time, location, and those you are with, no single action will be the ‘correct’ answer for all scenarios, so our goal is to equip you with the ability to make the best, simple decisions to survive the event.


Your online training experience is composed of interactive slides, dynamic visuals and professional-quality video demonstrations that will allow you to be actively engaged in your learning process. Additionally, this two-hour program is broken into short, easily digestible segments that can be completed in one or more sessions, allowing you more control over how and when you participate in the training. This online training is desktop, tablet, and smartphone compatible and will be accessed on Trident Shield’s website.


Be Forever Prepared For Violence In All Aspects of Your Life!

  • Important Terminology
  • Types of Workplace Violence
  • Preventative Measures:
    • Situational Awareness
    • Inhibitors To Situational Awareness
    • Applying The Situational Awareness Dial
    • Behavioral Changes To Notice
    • Active Planning
  • Prepare Your Response To Violence
  • Escaping
  • Barricading
    • Typical Office Environment
    • Home Environment
  • Defend
    • Using Improvised Weapons
    • Firearms
      • Understanding The Pistol, The Rifle, & The Revolver
      • Disabling A Firearm
    • Ambush Tactics
  • When Law Enforcement Arrives